Friday, March 25, 2005

What's the buzz? 

I did not go see Mel Gibson's "the passion of the christ." I had heard enough about it to know that it was something I didn't really need to experience. Mr Gibson is obviously a very disturbed man, to focus so much on the blood and gore. Not that I believe that understanding Jesus' suffering isn't important, but I think I heard someone sum it up the best: too much crucifixion, not enough resurrection.

And isn't that the POINT? The resurrection bit? Any criminal could be crucified, but Jesus resurrectified...or whatever that verb would be.

Anyway, I'm totally being a hypocrite about that, because I LOVE "jesus christ superstar," and I've been bopping around the lab listening to the soundtrack on my ipod. JCS is ALL about the events of holy week, up to but NOT really including the resurrection.

However, there is MUCH less gore than in Mel's movie.

Maybe if Mel had included a kick ass soundtrack that included Jesus rocking out: "WHHHYYYYY should YOU want to know, don't you mind about the future...."

and a really gay Herod, maybe.

THAT would have been great, and I would totally have gone to see that movie.

now if you'll excuse me...

"see my eyes I can hardly see, see me stand I can hardly walk, I BELIEVE you can make me whole..."