Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Waltz of the Sickies 

So here's how it stands:

I have rescheduled my committee meeting. My talk is basically ready, but as I still feel lousy, AND haven't had much time to actually go through my talk, my advisor and I thought it best I reschedule. I've heard back from everyone in my committee but one, and so far, next tuesday works OK.

This is a relief.

I took Sadie to the vet. The blood in the diarrhea was really freaking me out. Came home with more antibiotics and something called "endosorb" that I guess is like Immodium for dogs. Should clear her all up within two days. whew! no x-rays, no scary tests. fecal test was negative, so no little wormies. I think the vet thinks it's something she ate, but I can't think of anything she ate last week that was out of the ordinary.

Total cost? $62.69. No more getting sick, Sadie, OK?

I need to eat something, and then lie down for a bit. Guess I stayed up until 2am to finish my presentation for nothing...*yaaaaawwwwnnnn...cough hack!*