Wednesday, March 30, 2005

So if I cut with PstI, then PCR this with PstI tails...maybe...NO DAMMIT IT CUTS IN THE MIDDLE! 

Sorry for the lack of actual "content" lately. As I mentioned earlier, I am caught up in the hell that is planning cloning. Not to be confused with the hell that is actually DOING cloning. I still have that hell to look forward to.

Other than work, life has been slow. Kev has been working overtime like crazy because of the end of the quarter. That should end after Thursday, and he's looking forward to a blissful weekend of nothingness. I will probably be IN THE GODDAMNED LAB a good part of the weekend, so pbbth on that.

I have been staring at my Clone Manager screen too long.

I'm in desperate need of a hug.