Friday, March 11, 2005

Phlegm monkey **updated** 

why is it that as soon as I am unable to do something, THAT'S when I want to do it. Every time I get sick, the inspiration strikes: I want to take a walk, I want to take Sadie to the park, I want to clean the house, or...worse of all, I am HORNY AS HELL!!!

*hack hack* *cough cough* *phlegm*

hey baby, *wheeze* why don't you come over HERE, *cough* and make me feel *hack* good?

muy sexy, no? I can't walk from the couch to the kitchen without getting out of breath, and all I can think about is some down and dirty monkey sex.

aside: monkey is such a universal word. it's the word of the week! use monkey as much as possible today

Unfortunately, between my unfortunate phlegm issues, and Kev's unfortunate extreme overtime at work issues, not a whole lot of lovin' is going on.

Or cleaning.

Or walking.

Or working. Did I mention that I'm currently on my couch, watching the breaking news of the shootings in Atlanta from this morning? I need to go into the lab today at some point. play with radioactivity again.


pass me my inhaler, please...


Sadie is sick too, now. Vomitting and diarrhea. Yay! could my weekend start ANY BETTER????