Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Via Dr. Dave:


I am SO ordering them!

The Sadie Update: minute to minute coverage

So I checked Sadie's paw last night, and as predicted, the glue had come unstuck. Dammit. So I'm just going to continue her on the antibiotics and just keep an eye on the paw. She doesn't seem to be favoring it anymore. And the vet said it would eventually heal on its own. So that's enough of THAT!

OH YEAH!! WELL....umm...oh....

Ever been deprived of a good fight? Twice yesterday, I was ALLL prepared to give someone a what for, and was totally deprived of the opportunity.

1. I went to get my oil changed yesterday morning. Every time I've had my oil changed for the past two years, I get called out of the waiting room by the grease monkey, who has removed my air filter, and explains to me that my air filter is dirty, therefore I need to spend another $65 on a fuel injection flush. Wha? That always sounded fishy...and EXPENSIVE to me, so I've always said no, and left it there. The air filter cleans air coming into the engine, it's SUPPOSED to be dirty! And I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with my fuel injection, which gets nicely cleaned by Sea Foam engine treatment - GREAT stuff!

So THIS time I was going to LET THEM HAVE IT! I was tired of being considered a stupid girl who didn't know anything about her car! JUST LET THEM TRY TO BILK ME OUT OF $65!!!

Well, it didn't happen. They changed my oil, took my $10 off coupon, and told me to have a nice day.


2. Monday I called CompUSA to find out about the status of my laptop. The tech I talked to checked the computer and read off to me what it said. "pending" ok, I knew what that meant. Then a lot of internal note lingo, of which the one word that stood out was "denied". Huh? Denied?? OH NO THEY DI'INT!!!! They had BETTER not be telling me that the death of my hard drive isn't covered by the 3 year plan that I was practically forced to buy there. Monkey tech told me to call the next day and talk to some woman who was probably a manager. Oh yeah, LET ME AT HER! I will TEAR HER A NEW ONE!

So yesterday I call back and ask for her. I give her my name and tell her I wanted to know about my laptop. She put me on hold, and I mentally composed my rant.

manager lady: OK ma'am, I'll get this fixed right away.

me: huh? wha? my laptop?

manager lady: yes ma'am, I'll take care of it.

me: umm...so what was the problem?

manager lady: I just need to order another part, that's all.

me: Oh...ok...um...thanks.

manager lady: you have a nice day now.

DAMMIT! Deprived of a fight AGAIN!!!!

Anyone wanna mess with me? Anyone??? YO MOMMA!!!!!