Wednesday, March 16, 2005


It starts as this little bit of pressure. Some background anxiety. Things aren't quite right, but I'm not sure why.

Then I get irritable. Everything becomes a huge deal. They're out of green markers in the office and I get snippy with the secretary. A google search doesn't turn up the page I'm looking for, and I swear uselessly at the computer screen.

I start driving faster, angrier. Passing people who are only driving 5 miles above the speed limit and flicking them off. Slowing down when someone tries to tailgate me.

I yell at the dog.

There's nothing good on TV.

Nothing to eat in the fridge.

I throw a shoe.

Everything is annoying. Nothing is right with the world. I'm edgy, twitchy, and irritable. What's the problem? Why does everything seem so out of sorts? Why? What is wrong with me???

Then Kev drags me into the bedroom, pins me down, and fucks my brains out.


A week of being sick really cramps your love life. It's good to be back to normal :)