Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Gooooood girl...what a gooooood girl! 

Dilemma: Sadie must take 3 pills, 3 times a day. Normally, Sadie is tricked into eating pills by wrapping them in peanut butter smeared bread. But Sadie is on a bland diet of nothing but rice and ground turkey and should not be eating peanut butter bread.

Solution: ESC now has the joy of forcing open her darling doggy's mouth, shoving each pill back as far as it will go, clamping down her dogs mouth, and pray for swallowing, all while chanting "gooood girl, such a gooood girl, yes you are, such a gooood girl"

At first it was like a new game with her, but now she's caught on to the misery. Now instead of coming to sit in front of me to accept her fate, she lays down and rolls over on to her back, paws in the air. Her "I surrender please don't hurt me!" pose.


I am feeling much better as well. In fact, as soon as I take a shower, I may just...venture...back...to...the...lab! Whoa! What is it I do again? Mornings have been rough, as the huge phlegm demon raises it's ugly head and makes me sound like 80 year old lifelong smoker.

*hack! hork!* KISS ME, BABY!

But I'm feeling alot better. My head now weighs the normal amount, and not the 50lbs it weighed a few days ago. Body aches are gone. Ahhh...I feel go...*cough hack*

ok, well, I feel better. better enough to spread the evil germs to my lab mates. BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!