Sunday, March 06, 2005


Blogger visitations, Kitchen aid attachments, and other such goodness

I love having friends come to visit...but I am EXHAUSTED! Is it the weekend yet? I mean NEXT weekend! I had my mom's visit, then Kev's family in Alabama, then blogger visits this weekend...whew!

We did have a great weekend, though! Saturday morning I had a dress rehearsal for choir, but then we met up and walked around Little 5 points, shopping in the funky stores and having a yummy decadent lunch at The Vortex. Kev had to work, but we met up with him later at Fry's, the huge electronics store I'm always raving about. Jamie has been wanting to go there for awhile. She didn't buy anything, but I picked up a pasta-extruder attachment for my Kitchen Aid for $20, and Turbo Tax. As soon as I get my laptop back, it's tax time!

Kev loooooves that store, so by the time we dragged him out of there (kicking and screaming! hehe..just kidding sweetie) and got back to our place it was almost 8. Time for a late dinner of yummy ham, mushroom, and cheese risotto, fresh bread, and salad. We had good intentions of heading out to a bar...but with full bellies and too much tequila in our margaritas, we never quite made it. Just as well, as they had to get an early start in the morning.

Stupidly, I carried my camera around everywhere, and took not a single picture.

Oh well.
gay men and my self esteem

This morning was Handel's Messiah....finally! It went really well, even the "we like sheep" song! Got a little panicky in the "the lord gave the word," as the sopranos rushed and the bases dragged. Gah! But it all came together in the end. and it's over THANK GOD!!!!

There is a guy in the bass section, C, who is always telling me how great the altos sound, and how great I'm doing. Today he told me that he listened for me during the whole performance so that he could get his timing right. Shit. I screwed up a few times. Hope he wasn't listening TOO carefully. But he always goes out of the way to compliment me every time he sees me.

I would think he was hitting on me, but I happen to know that he lives happily with his partner, L, also in the bass section. He always seems like he's trying to build up my ego, which is pretty weird...do I seem like my self esteem is especially poor? Or maybe there's an "adopt a straight girl" section of the Gay Pages (don't laugh - ask Jamie. Atlanta has the Gay Pages) and C picked me. Maybe at meetings (I don't know...gay meetings? maybe there's a club? I'm going to hell for thinking that, aren't I?) he holds up my picture and says "this my straight girl, Evilsciencechick. She's doing well. Yesterday she sang the trill correctly, and wore a great pair of boots."

It's funny, but sweet. I cling deperately stereotype that if I have the approval of at least one gay man, my fashion sense must be pretty decent. Umm...right?

I often have inappropriate thoughts like that. It's only the faintest thread of control that keeps me from blurting it out loud. Things like "so, how long have you been in a wheelchair?" to people I've just met. What's worse is when someone tells me beforehand "whatever you do, don't mention his/her _____!" Ack! Don't tell me that!!! It's like back in august at my grandmother's funeral, whem my mom told me to watch what I say because this couple had a gay son. What? Who cares?? But suddenly, all I wanted to do was blurt things out like "wow, is that gay" or overuse the word "fabulous."

Thank god I have this blog where I can write it all down without fear of judgment.

So how long have you had that weird thing on your nose?

And now I'm at work sucking down coffee. can't wait to go home and NAP!