Sunday, March 13, 2005

Cheering me up while I'm sick... 

Just clicking around, trying to amuse myself.

You don't tell me about your personal Savior....

bwwahahahahaaaaahahahaaaaa*cough hack cough*hahahaaaaaaa!!!!!


THUNDER! Also cheering me up! The weather was warm, sunny, and beautiful all day. I'm wearing SHORTS! Suck it, snowbound!

No rain, just thunder. And I'm enjoying sitting on my porch, watching the lightning. Dragged my sick ass to wal-mart yesterday (yeah yeah, evil empire, taking over the world, blah blah blah) and bought some potted herbs and a big ficus. All my houseplants died when I put them outside and didn't bring them in before the first frost. Oops. Now I've got my little balcony garden growing nicely.

Oooo...more thunder!

Making me horny. I'm pretty sure sex is good for colds, right?