Sunday, March 27, 2005

Brunch with Jesus **update** 

Easter morning came bright and...cloudy. Damn. I had to sing at church, and since Kev is ALWAYS late when I make him come to church to hear me sing, I decided that he would go early with me (choir has to report a half hour early). The result of this genius? I was late! Pbbth!

So I was rushed and confused through a service with a TON of music in it. I had forgotten one piece, and someone slipped me an extra copy just in time. At one point, the choir director sat down in an empty seat in front of me. I got his attention and pointed to the bulletin, where it said for a certain hymm "choir introduction: Alleluiah" what? all we had was the copy of the hymm..nothing about an alleluiah. I was panicking because I thought I had forgotten something else! But J had forgotten to make copies of it for us. Quickly he grabbed HIS copy and we passed it around like a middle school note.

All in all, in spite of limited rehearsal time and some complex music, we pulled it off.


Afterwards I was craving some brunch. Now, apparently, easter brunch is not a big deal down here. I dont' know why. It is a family TRADITION in Pittsburgh to, after church, head on over to a local hotel or event catering facility, where, just for Easter, they set up an Easter Brunch Buffet. An omlette station. A carving station. Huge platters of bacon, potatoes, scrambled eggs, rigatoni, chicken, etc. And a big dessert station with mousse and cheesecake and ice cream, and allllll kinds of fattening goodies. Because we firmly believe, that as soon as Jesus woke up in that tomb, the first thing he wanted was a good brunch. Some eggs benedict and pasta salad, perhaps.

Not so here. And Kev had never heard of such a thing. Since this was the first year I wasn't flying home for Easter, mom had sent me a care package earlier in the week, containing my Daffin's meltaway chocolate egg, dog biscuits, some jelly beans, shirts for Kev, a cute outfit for me, AND...hehe... one of those playstation dance pads! Woohoo! Haven't had time to try it out yet, though. Always thought they looked fun, but would never embarass myself IN PUBLIC while 4 year old kids bopped like an expert.

Anyway, so as to ensure that I got my official easter brunch, mom included a nice chunk of change. So after church, Kev and I went to my FAVORITE brunchy place in atlanta, Murphy's. There was a 45 minute wait, but it was SO WORTH IT! We sat on the patio, heated, with the clear plastic tarps blocking out...well, MOST of the pouring rain. Since mom was paying, technically, I went for the whole experience. TWO mimosas...because along with his eggs and salad, Jesus would also like some champagne and orange juice, please.

Stuffed full...we split a key lime tart. Hey...MOM paid, right?

When we got home, I completely passed out on the couch. Deadweight. Couldn't wake myself up for anything. ROLLING THUNDER passing overhead didn't make me twitch.

Ahhhh...what a great Easter! Now we're snacking on a nice hot layered dip: ground beef, refried beans, cheddar, and salsa with chips. Mmmmm.....

Hope everyone had a wonderful easter stuffed with chocolate eggs and bunnies and jelly beans. And if you're Jewish...hope you had a great sunday avoiding crazed Christian church traffic!

Do you go to hell for having screaming pounding doggy style sex on Easter? Just asking.