Wednesday, March 02, 2005


reason #539 why ESC is going to hell, or "sheep-lover's anonymous"

We're singing Part II of Handel's Messiah on Sunday. There's a song in there that's called "all we like sheep," and we sing that sentence over and over, very short and detached and very up beat. The "all" is especially short, almost clipped. very difficult to get the "ll" sound.

every time we sing this piece, it sounds like this:

"Oh we like sheep."

oh, the mental giggles...
two reasons I like my church's bathrooms

1. someone always keeps the ladies room stocked with a bottle of scented Caswell Massey lotion.

2. someone found an earring I lost I don't know how many months ago, and left it in the upstairs ladies room. Who knows how long it was there, I hardly use that restroom. No one took it. I found it there Sunday before last. Hooray! I love those earrings!