Thursday, March 03, 2005

At least he didn't get a swirly... 

OK, entering rant mode:

On the Today Show, they did a segment on hazing, how college students are dying, and how it goes on even in high school and middle school. I think Al Roker's got a special on court TV about it.

Anyway, yeah, hazing is a problem. College kids are dying, usually from alcohol poisoning. They showed a segment of Al's special with a girl talking about how they had to drink gallons of milk, throw up, do shots of vodka, then drink more milk, throw up, etc etc. Gross. And waaaay over the top. I can do my rant about stupid sorority/fraternity hazing another day. Call it sisterhood/brotherhood/tradition, whatever. It's bullshit and it's stupid. I put up with it myself for about two weeks, and got the fuck out of there. There are those of you that disagree with me, but I don't care. This is my blog, dammit.

So...on to what I really want to rant about. After talking about college kids dying, alcohol poisoning, etc, they had a kid on the show that Ann was interviewing. Apparently, he was hazed as a freshman in high school, on the wrestling team. He told his mom, who reported it to the principal. But nothing was done. The coach has been implicated as supporting the hazing, but nothing is being done. In fact, the whole community has come out in support of the coach, even the school board supports him. The "victim" has gotten no sympathy whatsoever. Now he's in college, and is active in educating people about the dangers of hazing.

So what terrible things were done to this poor guy? Was he beaten with a wooden board until bloody? Forced to drink a gallon of spit?


"they lifted up my shirt, and gave me a red belly"


for those not in the know, a red belly is when your stomach is slapped until it turns red.

Now, I'm not doubting that it hurt, probably stung a LOT. Kids are cruel and stupid.

But are you fucking KIDDING ME??? If that's the WORST that ever happens to this kid, he should consider himself LUCKY! Kids are DYING! HOSPITALIZED! BRAIN DAMAGED!

and he got a "red belly???"

unfucking believable.