Monday, March 14, 2005

Anyone out there...**with drugged updated goodness!** 

...willing to use a drill on my head to relieve the pressure?


I'm pretty sure it will work.

Drugs are gooooooood

Gave up on the sissy generic tylanol sinus I had been popping like candy and bought some generic (of course) aleve cold and sinus. I am annoyed that there is no good medication that will take care of 1. sinus pain 2. aches 3. sore throat 4. cough....AND 5. last longer than 4 hours.

That is NOT an icky liquid medicine.

That won't put me to sleep.

That is available in a CVS brand generic.

And if there is, PLEASE DON'T TELL ME, I spent enough time there already today, staring at the shelves and shelves of cold and flu offerings, my already fuzzy brain desperately trying to process the mass of information.

"ok...this one says cough and sinus...but has an antihistimine. no good."

"this on has no antihistimine, but has acetametaphin. I've already tried that."

ultimately, I had to give up my desire for an expectorant. I figured I'm doing a pretty good job of coughing it up, anyway.

popped a pill before heading to the lab for a brief check of my blot (might not have worked...hmmm...) and possible infection of the rest of the lab. whoops! sorry guys! drugs STILL hadn't kicked in by an hour later when I got home. Collapsed on the couch and drifted off to unconciousness, and as I noted recently at Gooch's, woke up feeling MUCH BETTER! Drugs + Sleep = goooooooood.

now aside from scrabling to get my committee meeting presentation done, I'm still worried about Sadie, who's still not over the diarrhea, despite a weekend diet of only sticky rice and ground turkey. There's traces of blood, too, which is REALLY worrying. My meeting is tomorrow afternoon, if she's not better after that, its back to the vet for us. Sadie is normally the healthiest dog, now we're looking at our second vet visit within one month.

She's not acting sick, though. Still bright eyed. Still good appetite. Still wants to snuggle. She's just sleeping more, which I don't blame her for. When I've got a case of the runs, I don't stray far from the bedroom and adjoining bathroom! So I'm hopeful that it's nothing serious.

Maybe she snuck a bite of something on the ground from one of our walks that she wasn't supposed to. It's happened before. Her last round of serious diarrhea (though it didnt' last this long!) was when she was living at Kev's place outside the city, and she was outside most of the time. She found a turtle under the porch and before we knew it, she had gnawed all the paint off its shell. Ew. Poor turtle. Woke up the next morning to a nasty surprise in every corner of the living room, with Sadie hiding in the kitchen. and GUESS who got to clean that up? Bad dog!

For now, it's back to my presentation. yay for power point!