Sunday, February 27, 2005

...with a banjo on my knee 

warning: long!

warning: no sex mentioned at all, except in this warning, and then maybe a hint at the very end!

OK, let me FIRST just say how sorely disspointed I am in all of you. NOT ONE sex adventure email. Of course, I haven't gone through my blogroll, so maybe you all posted some steamy stuff. But I'm doubting it.

I would have kept it anonomous! Your wives/husbands/boyfriends kids never would have known!

And good god, Julie, I hope they HAVEN'T found my site! "daddy? what's anal sex mean?"

The horror!
It was after 5 by the time we left for alabama on Friday. Surprisinly, traffic wasn't too too horrible. Bad around Douglasville, then clear from then on. We got to Kev's mom's around 10...central time, where she promptly stuffed chicken, cole slaw, and whatever else she had in the fridge down our throats. Did I mention we had already eaten at Burger King on the way? We were both exhausted from the trip, and crashed (separate rooms, of course) pretty soon afterwards.

Saturday after breakfast we dressed in our "play" clothes and headed on over to Kev's sister K's house. We met the two new dogs that they had gotten: Petey, a young beagle/dalmation/? mix they had gotten from the pound. And Coco, a very old and sweet chiuaua that wandered into their yard. Probably someone dropped her off in the woods because they didn't want to take care of her anymore. bastards. Fortunately, she was such a sweetie that K and family couldn't bear to not keep her. She's missing all the teeth on one side of her head, so her tongue hangs out the side. It's very cute and sad. C, one of Kev's nieces, had claimed her as her own.

Of course, Kev's nephew's dog Sadie II was still there, and she immediately started picking fights with my Sadie. Kev and I hopped on the 4-wheeler and took off into the woods, three dogs keeping pace (Coco decided to sit it out, poor thing!). Sadie II and Petey picked on Sadie, but she put them in their place RIGHT QUICK! We raced through the woods, with me on the back, arms wrapped around Kev, clinging for dear life. Eventually we came upon a new feature of the woods: a beaver pond. Of course, we had to get off and go exploring. Thank God for waterproof timberlands. Sadie dove right into the water - she loved it! But Sadie II and Petey don't have any lab in their background, so Kev picked each one up and tossed it in. Petey was the Jesus of dogs: he practically walked on the water, he was trying to get out so quick!

After throwing some sticks in for Sadie to fetch for awhile, we decided to head back to the 4 wheeler. I was lagging behind, when I heard Kev: "Sadie hurt her foot!"

And there was my baby, standing in the mud with her front right paw held up, whimpering. Gah! I felt all over, nothing seemed broken, then checked her toes. Yep. She must have run into a stick stuck into the ground. She had a neat puncture wound in between her toes. And it wasn't bleeding at all. Not good. But she could still walk on it, which was good. I dont' know how we would have fit me, Kev, and Sadie on a vehicle built for one!

When we got back to K's, we got some peroxide and cotton balls, and Kev held her down while I tried to clean out the wound. As I gently wiped the peroxide over the hole, Sadie jerked back and cried, over and over again, very loudly. It BROKE MY HEART! It was the sound she makes when you accidentlly step on her tail, but OVER AND OVER WITHOUT STOPPING! And she was waving her paw back and forth, trying to stop the stinging!

I wanted to cry. I'm surprised I didn't.

After a little while, she calmed down, and I was able to actually pour peroxide directly into the puncture. Sadie just lay there, being brave. I kept it cleaned out for the rest of the weekend. If I see any sign of infection, I'll take her to the vet. She can still walk, but she limps a little. My poor little girl!
Later, after showering off the mud and peroxide, we all piled into the minivan and headed for Tupelo, Mississippi, about an hour's drive. We got to the Olive Garden, and saw the line out the door.

Yes, you may have your fancy restaurant openings, your Bobby Flay, your Emiril, but Tupelo? Tupelo loves the affordably priced food and family friendly atmosphere of the newly opened Olive Garden.

There was a 2 hour wait, so we grabbed our buzzer/pager, and headed down the road to (Aimee, don't read this) Wal-Mart. As soon as we got out of range of the buzzer, it started playing an annoying, repetitive tune. I guess so you wouldn't steal it, but GOD that was annoying!

We finally got back to the OG, where the wait for new people was up to 3 hours. We were all STARVING! And the kids were getting antcy. We finally got our table, had to share menus, and I found what I wanted in 3 seconds: Gorgonzola steak medalions over creamy fettaccini. Mmmmmm...

I had to assist the others in ordering, as I'm not sure Kev's family had EVER been to an Italian restaurant before, let alone OG. The one prounounciation mishap was K, who ordered the "mine-strone" soup instead of salad. cringe.

Say what you will about the OG, and let me tell you, I have. I hate their commecials. I would never bring any Sicilian relatives there. But damn, they've got good salad and breadsticks. AND food. My food was delicious.

Stuffed, we drove back so Kev's mom could open her gifts. I bought her some loungy PJs, which she really liked, but will probably have to exchange, because she's lost a LOT of weight since I saw her last.

We left this morning around 11, and got in right before 6. I'm exhausted, but I had to stop in at work (where I'm typing this from) to check on my plates from Friday. I think my fluctuation finally worked! Hoo-fucking-ray! 4th time's a charm!

Now I'm going home and jumping on my boyfriend because I'm horny. Then I'm making blueberry pancakes. It's good to be HOME!!!