Thursday, February 10, 2005

Those weird, just before the alarm goes off, morning dreams 

I was at my parent's house, when I suddenly realized that we had a kitten, and I had forgotten to feed it for a really long time. I panicked, and ran around the house trying to find the kitten. I found her in the basement and took her up to my room, and went to sleep, hoping that my parents wouldn't get mad at me for having a kitten in my room. Then animal control showed up and said that we had a wild cat for a pet. I tried to tell them that it was just a tiny kitten, but when I brought the kitten out, she grew into a huge gray wild cat. She rubbed up against my leg, then tried to bite me. We were going to have to get rid of her, but then we couldn't catch her, she was gray, and hid in the shadows.

I finally caught her, and she turned into a big snake, with really big fangs. I held the snake by the head so it wouldn't bite me. It could talk, and it told me that it would bite if I let go. I desperately searched for a place to put the snake, a container of some kind, because I was afraid if I just let it go outside, that it would attack someone. I finally found a trap that had guinea pigs and snails in it. I dropped the snake inside it and slammed the lid on. The snake complained that it didn't like the taste of guinea pigs. Suddenly the trap began to shrink, until it became a small plastic container. The snake's fangs kept biting at me from under the lid, and it took all my strength to keep the lid closed. I realized that I could not keep the lid closed forever, that the snake would escape. I finally found a knife - one of those huge Chinese chopping knives, and took the snake into the backyard and chopped it's head off, then chopped the rest of it into pieces. As the pieces fell to the ground, they started to cook on the ground.

Then I woke up, with every muscle in my body tensed.