Wednesday, February 16, 2005

t-minus 7 hours 

Not that I'm counting.

Yes, the mom is in town...for a week! Flying in tonight, flying out next Tuesday, and oh, the chaos that could occur in between.

Normally, mom's visits aren't all that eventful. I usually work half days, she drops me off, goes off exploring on her own in my car, and then picks me up and we do something in the evening...like shop or see a movie. This is generally good for me, since the "mom pays" rule is in effect. Movie? Mom pays. Restaurant? Mom pays. And my personal favorite...clothes shopping? Mom pays...sometimes.

We normally have one nice night out. This time, she bought tickets to see Hairspray on sunday for the two of us. (Kev's gift is that he doesn't have to go. hahaha. boy, was HE HAPPY!!!)

Kev has made it clear that he wants to stay out of our way while she's here. I think he'll put in a lot of over time at work. Not that they don't get along, though he is wary of her. But it will cut down on the awkwardness of the whole situation.

This whole weekend could go very well...or very badly. We shall see. The only one NOT on edge right now is Sadie. Her orgasms of joy at my mom's visit will echo over the state. She LOVES MY MOM! I'm not sure why, mom doesn't feed her extra treats or table scraps or anything. However, my mother insists on speaking to all babies and all animals the same way: 1 octave higher than her normal voice. I think this is what drives my dog crazy: she looooves the baby talk. The first time my mom ever visited me when I had Sadie, every time mom sat down, Sadie would try to crawl up on her lab. Sadie is a 40lb dog, so it was more than a little comical to see her try to lay down on my mom's lap. She is NOT a lapdog.

So I will try to blog from work only the next week. Mom is a night owl like me, also she's a huge fan of the Solitaire, so I will probably be laptopless in the evenings. Which will allow me to get caught up on my knitting, anyway. But I'll be around, just not as much.