Wednesday, February 23, 2005

shave and a haaaaircut.... 

Technically, I'm shaving later, but I did get my hair cut! Finally! I can't even remember when I got it cut last....October maybe?

I have the luxury of a hairstyle and hair that looks good either short or long. So since I'm pretty lazy, I generally go MONTHS between haircuts. Letting my hair grow loooong, until it bugs the crap out of me so much that I proclaim "that's IT! I'M CHOPPING IT ALL OFF!"

Kev likes my hair long. Something about having something to grab on to. Also a slight pigtail fetish. MEN!

But I had enough. So now it's just below my earlobes - long enough to tuck behind my ear, short enough to expose my neck to warm spring breezes, soft kisses, and firm bites.

It's thundering like HELL here. I should really get off the crappy desktop and shut it off before the power goes out. I should pick up my neglected knitting.

ooo...that was a GOOD one!