Wednesday, February 02, 2005

the ranting that is promised in my title 

OK, now I know that this is a tragedy. I don't want to be accused of trivializing what really is the tragic death of a young woman with her whole life ahead of her.

Here's my problem. This made national news. And not just back of the front section news, either. Her fiance and parents were on the Today Show this morning, talking about the tragedy. They're talking about how the city of New York has rallied in support.

Why? Why is this a big deal for the rest of us? Why is a shooting and killing now national news? Because she was an aspiring actress?

If Nicole had been black, would attention be paid? If her name were Latisha Jones, would her parents and fiance have been interviewed on the Today Show?

Hell, if it were ME, would Kev get on national TV? No. Not at all. But because this girl was white and pretty, all of a sudden a spotlight has been put on her. Again, I'm not saying that it wasn't a tragedy, and my heart goes out to her fiance and her family, but I don't think it's national news. It's borderline exploitation.

And ANOTHER thing.

Heard on the radio today a song that's part of a solo project by Rob Thomas. Now, I LOVE Rob Thomas. I think he's the sexiest thing since....sexy sliced bread. But really, does he need a solo project? Matchbox 20 is basically him singing, with a band. Can anyone else name another member of Matchbox20? (no fair if your some kind of pycho rabid fan) It would make more sense if, maybe the drummer from Matchbox 20 did a side project.

I felt much the same way when Dave Mathews did a solo CD. Dude, seriously. YOUR NAME IS THE NAME OF THE BAND! Your solo CD sounds JUST LIKE The Dave Mathews Band CDs...you just have different guys backing you up.


Sorry I've been slacking off blogland the past few days. Hell on earth at work, but a good kind. I did an experiment today that will...are you ready for this? GIVE ME DATA! Beautiful, wonderful DATA! Do you know how long I've been missing having data? Too long....ah...only two more days and I'll be able to count my colonies...

(yeah, I know....GEEEEEK!)

Hey, it's lightening and thundering out...in the winter! Cool! Now I'm horny. And Kev's not home yet.