Saturday, February 05, 2005

Pyroplastic flow? 

Spending a lazy Saturday afternoon...NOT cleaning, but adding cool extensions to Firefox.

Yeah, I know....GEEEEEK!

I should be working on making a webpage for my lab. Stupid Brenda told Boss Lady that I was good at designing webpages.

Hello? BLOGS! I can do stuff with BLOGS! I know NOTHING of real web page stuff! But our computer guy gave me Dreamweaver for my laptop, so if anyone has any tips or advice for using Dreamweaver, I'd really appreciate it. I've heard it's very user friendly.

Last night we ate at our favorite greasy food grill to celebrate my recent lab victory. Then to Kroger to buy some more....YOGURT! Then home, where we watched my Finding Nemo DVD. Love that movie. Hehe...


"mine! mine!"

Currently watching "Pompeii: the last day" on the Discovery Channel. Scary, how quickly it happened, how many people died. The descriptions of how some of the people died...how their bodies were turned to charcoal in a instant, or how the heat boiled their brains and made their bones explode....


I need more hot chocolate.