Monday, February 28, 2005

Photo woes 

Yes, I went over my allowed bandwidth for this month on Photobucket. That's why my new blog heading is "bandwidth exceeded" (which would be a pretty cool name for a band). I would move everything to a new photo storage, except that it should go back to normal tomorrow.

I really don't anticipate having this problem again, though.

Sadie is still doing fine. She wimpers when I try to look at the wound, and whenever Kev tells her to get away from something, or tries to play a little rough with her, she just holds up her front paw, as if to say "don't yell at me! I'm injured and need love!"

so pathetic!

And although I took care of this in an email, allow me to reiterate:

Yes, I do enjoy Olive Garden food. Do I think it's the best Italian food on the planet? OH MY GOD NOOOOO!!!!!! PLEASE give me more credit, people! Not only am I Italian myself, but I grew up in Pittsburgh, which has GREAT Italian restaurants that are not part of any kind of family-friendly generic food chains. But if someone offers to take me to a said restaurant chain, and offers to PAY for it, I will happily go and drink bland wine and fill up on garlic breadsticks. I am a poor graduate student and I don't turn down such offers.