Monday, February 14, 2005

a long post about my weekend which does not include anal sex, sorry 


ahem. none of that yet.

As I mentioned in my comments below, we never did get to see Hitch. Stupid Buckhead traffic. So we went to a Borders and walked around...mmm...booooks. And a compUSA ("no, thank you, I'm just looking. Really. no. Please...FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!")

Attempts were made at a romantic saturday night, but just as it was getting good...welll....

it's amazing the damage a chain reaction caused by a simple, small, involuntary cough can do. All those muscles down in the abdomen and beyond just clench up, and if it occurs at the wrong time during a VERY vigorous rhythm...well....I'm told it's very much like hitting a brick wall.

Poor Kev.

So that kind of killed the mood.

Sunday I had a long afternoon choir rehearsal. We're doing Handel's Messiah in a few weeks (not the whole thing, just the Easter bits), so that took up most of the day. We have a new hired soprano section leader named Jess, who seems very cool. Sunday was her first day, and she came out to lunch with us between the service and the rehearsal. She's from Alabama, and ordered the Catfish and grits breakfast special. Ew!

Got home and napped, and then Kev and I got all fancied up for a nice dinner out. Not to the Brazilian place. Somehow an all you can eat exotic meat place didn't really appeal to us last night. So we went to Agave, which is a wonderful southwestern restaurant. With the best margaritas I've ever had. Mmm....margarITas! I had a steak and Kev had lamb chops. Then we split a banana and plantain cheesecake with agave syrup. Mmmmm...SO DARN DELICIOUS!

Of course, our plan totally backfired, and we were WAAAAY too full last night to do anything else than some nice smooching and cuddling in bed.

This morning when I left for work, Kev had left a vase of flowers and some chocolates in my car. (everyone together now...AWWWWWWWWW!!!!)

What a nice weekend! Even if not everything went according to plan. We will spend the next couple of days furiously cleaning, because MY MOM is coming to visit...for the first time since Kev moved in. (can you say...awkward?)

Today I was supposed to do this big experiment at work and then go home to clean. But guess what? All 32 of my yeast cultures that I started on saturday were HORRIBLY CONTAMINATED with flourescent yellow icky stuff.

goddammit. Now I have to start all over again, and wont' be able to do the experiment until Friday.

And now I have to pretend like I'm doing work, because I didn't even bring my laptop in, so I can't work on the lab website. I've got NOTHING TO DO! and I can't really go home just yet. Maybe after I eat lunch.