Friday, February 25, 2005

Like Penthouse, without the "interesting articles" 

Laptop update: so Kev tried several times unsuccessfully to "ghost" my hard drive at work, to no avail.

Q: ESC, what does "ghost" mean?

A: I have no idea! my name is evilSCIENCEchick, not evilCOMPUTERchick. someone "out there" probably knows, though. Ask them

So after a few unsuccessful attempts, the hard drive died again. At least he didn't get any resistance from the guy at CompUSA. Actually, I think Kev only confused him.

K: I'm pretty sure the hard drive's dead, won't blah blah lingo the BIOS anymore.

CompUSA monkey: ...huh? wha? so you need a new hard drive?

K: yes

Q: ESC, what does BIOS mean?

A: shut up

so I'm not sure if I'll be able to post tomorrow. Probably not until Sunday, at least. Got a fluctuation experiment to do, plus a double baby shower for the two super fertile women in the lab next to ours. Then I get to race home early so Kev and I can get an early start for Alabama only to run smack into the middle of Atlanta friday rush hour traffic. Hooray!

It's his mom's birthday. I bought her a cute lounge-wear/PJ set from Target. To celebrate the big day, I think we'll be crossing over the border to check out the brand new Olive Garden in Tupelo, Miss. Mmmm...carbo-pasta goodness....

So have a good weekend, all. In the meantime, feel free to browse around. I've updated the "amused by" "not amused by" section...somewhat. And I think I've exposed enough of my sexual perversities on this blog, so when I get back, I expect some compensation. If you can't blog about your own sexual adventures (pussies)...there's always email! Just click on Uncle Traveling Matt on my sidebar and send me your stories! I'll publish them here, anonomously if you'd like. You can even make something up! Then we can decide who's for real and who's full of shit.

Happy weekend!