Tuesday, February 22, 2005

fruity frozen hard drive pops 

The laptop is most likely toast. Kev is trying a few tricks to try to get the data off it...including FREEZING the harddrive! But we're not holding our breaths.

Our departmental computer guy who used to work at CompUSA seems to think that replacing a hardrive is something that the monkeys in the repair department can handle on their own, without sending it out to Compaq. So hooray! Hopefully, I'll have my laptop by early next week.

In the meantime, I'll be blogging from work. We're headed to Alabamy for the weekend, Kev's mom's birthday, so no bloggy bloggy for me... :(

In better news, tonight witnessed the triumphant return to normal activities. Can I just mention how much more a guy seems to enjoy a really good blow job after going without for a week? I thought he was going to pass out! Nice moaning and a good amount of twitching. Hooray for positive feedback! I told him I was willing to stop if it was too much for him.

He grabbed me by the hair and pushed me back down. Well, I guess I got my answer. Heehee.