Saturday, February 12, 2005

The festivities start early around here... 

As per KtP's question on her site the other day, my adventures in yogurt are happily over. Thus, normal activities have resumed.

Hehe. For example...

Last night Kev got home late, since he was helping a work friend install new brakes on his car. He got home after 10, tired, sweaty, and very, very dirty. Nice.

He decided to soak his tired muscles in a hot bath. After a while, I went in to check on him. I sat on the edge of the tub and rubbed his chest.

"how ya feeling, sweetie?"


"awww...I'll leave you alone tonight, then."

"I'm sorry."

Then I got an evil idea. I had bought a little sexy sleepwear at Target, and was going to save it for valentines day. But it wasn't someting lacey or frilly - just a pair of red knit short shorts, and a very clingy, strappy white camisole. I had wanted the camisole in red, but they were out of my size. grrrrr. Cute and sexy, and surprisingly comfy. Anyway, I casually asked Kev if he wanted to see my new special valentine's day PJ's.


Slipped into the shorts and camisole and went back into the bathroom. Oh, did I mention that the white camisole was somewhat transparent? Yeah, it was.

"what do you think?" I asked, twirling around.


I sat back down on the edge of the tub, and noticed just how much Kev liked my new outfit. heehee...he REEEEALLLY liked it.

Turns out, Kev got a second wind last night. Maybe he wasn't so tired after all. Of course, it's a little easier for him when I'm on top. Hope my neighbors weren't trying to sleep.

Today we're going to check out some motorcycle shops, just to browse around. I've been wanting one of those Vespa-like scooters for a while now. Maybe after I graduate and we get out of crazy-traffic atlanta.

Then to a movie (maybe Hitch) and a casual dinner. Tomorrow we've got plans to go to a VERY nice Brazilian restaurant. Hooray! I get to dress up!

Have a great weekend, everyone!