Monday, February 07, 2005


2nd attempt at embedding some music...let me know if you can't play it!

Having fun with Dreamweaver. Have so far created a rough outline of our main page, and created individual bio/photo pages for everyone in the lab. Not a lot of content yet, just an old picture of the lab two years ago on our main page, to give me an idea of what things will look like. Eventually, we'll have a page for protocols, pictures of children and pets, pictures of fun lab outings, pictures of meetings we've been to, etc.

I'm trying to make sure that everything is linked together correctly. This is starting to remind me of my spreadsheet template hell, where all my data is on one ginormous spreadsheet with multiple pages that are all linked, and one wrong link screws me up completely.

Why am I doing this? Well...I COULD be doing science right now. Yeah...right. Still flying high on my success from last week. Plus time flies by so QUICKLY when I'm designing the site. Feel like I just ate lunch, but it's almost 5 already.

My eyes are starting to go a little buggy on me and my mind keeps wandering. Weeee!