Sunday, January 30, 2005

Why he still loves me, I will never know... 

Last night/Very very early this morning



"the power's out" (he says I yelled this, I dont' think I did)

"mmm....need a flashlight?"


he rolls over and spoons me. *poke poke*

"uh huh"

"heh heh"

hmm..I really have to pee, but I'm comfy and it's really dark. i'll hold it.

snuggle deeper into the covers.


(maybe 20 minutes later)

dammit, I REALLY have to pee now. all I can think about. pee pee pee...peeeeeeeeee....dammit. i can't even see the bathroom from here. why is it so dark? why haven't my eyes adjusted???


"I have to pee. the power is still off"

"need a flashlight?"

peer at the pitch blackness of the space between the bed and the bathroom. i can probaby find the bathroom without a problem, but can I pee in the pitch black...half asleep?

"do you have one over there?"


"you bought a thousand of those flashlights, why don't you have one over there?"

"well YOU didn't grab one for your side, did you?"

"that's not the point. I need a flashlight, it's too dark to pee"

grumble grumble...out of bed...shuffle shuffle...


"watch out for the laundry basket!"

grumble mumble

light! shone in from the dining room from flashlight

I make my way to the bathroom and pee in near darkness, just as I finish...


*whooooosh!* (furnace)

"power's back on!"

"uh huh"

"too bad I didn't wait another minute to pee...you wouldn't have had to get up!"

grumble grumble

"love you!"

grumble " 'v you" grumble