Monday, January 17, 2005

Whoa...too many comments... 

I made it home safe and sound. Rode the train most of the way home, and since Kev left work early, he picked me up at the station. We went out for Mexican food.



showered together
had mad passionate monkey (censored...), then he flipped me over and I hung off (...censored...) held him down and (...censored...) kept smacking my (censored)! (censored) until I begged for (censored). Then after the bed collapsed, we (..censored...censored...censored...) a pair of tongs and a lettuce spinner.

Whew! I'm exhausted!

Nothing with the new toy yet, but he seemed VERY pleased with the purchase. Jamie, go ahead and post those pics. It could be very educational.

I would LOVE to post all the pics, but I need to get final approval from everyone...and I need to have photoshop up and working...which means most pics might not get posted until I get my laptop back. Sorry 'bout that.

So I think everyone's mostly covered all the first impressions of everyone. Yes yes, I'm tall. And yes, I was SOMEWHAT quiet. I am usually not, but I do get quiet in new groups. Next trip everyone will be forced to bind and gag me to get me to shut up.

Hmmmm....could be fun....


Love her. She is cool and organized and no nonsense. Tells you EXACTLY what's on her mind. And whenever she talks about Emily, her whole face lights up, and she gets this big adorable smile on her face. She's also a knitting nazi, completing a beautiful pink scarf for Emily over the weekend. She also helped me with my own hopeless project. Also has a KICK ASS TATTOO that I'm sure someone will post a picture of before I get to it. Aimee also won the boobage contest for the weekend. We would have celebrated with a wet t-shirt contest, but it was TOO FUCKING COLD!

Kate the Peon
Cutest accent of the group. Always up for the next fun plan, and holds her liquor well. Not afraid to show her boobages to the whole city, yet got my vote for the best booty. (got a pic of that too, somewhere). Can also deep throat a beef rib. Gotta love her for that.

Found out to my immense embarrassment that I've been mentally pronouncing her nickname incorrectly. Kel-ti...NOT Sel-ti. Whoops. Gorgeous gorgeous long blond hair, and beautiful fair skin. Also, she was the beady queen of the weekend, by making everyone a cool beaded piece of jewelry. Tried to explain the South Beach Diet to me, and how she's lost a LOT of weight (and she looks FABULOUS, buy the way), but I kept thinking..."no potatoes? does...not...compute..."

Voted most likely to be on Girls Gone Wild. Also, managed to mentally undress and ravage every man in Kansas city - what a crackwhore! She has fun curly hair that I played with all weekend. Jamie is the Jenga nazi, who insisted that the first piece removed was always from the very bottom row, while ridiculing me every time I tried to remove a center piece. She ALSO bought a fun toy at 7th heaven. Have you used it yet Jamie? Have ya? Also, got any CD-R? Love that band.

Whoa...smokin' hot. It's not fair, really. Skinny girls should not get natural big beautiful boobies. She can also party like a rock star, and my favorite memory of her this weekend was her rocking out to metal music on her walkman, while yelling "what? you don't like Judas Priest???" to us. Rock on, Nanna...rock on. She's the only one to bring me to tears this weekend by absolutely NAILING me with her Tarot card reading. Spooky. Hard to concentrate on the reading, though, when she's super hot and wearing smiley face stickers on her nippular area.

Worst driver ever. Really. Sorry dude, but you are. We'd be driving around for 10 minutes, and Celti would point out the window "isn't that our hotel again?" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ahhhh...good times. But we cheered for the same football teams all weekend, so that makes up for it. Pup is a FANTASTIC cool. I really want the recipe for those fococcia things. Also graciously let us feel his cute little ass. But in spite of what you hear about his past conquests, Pup is at LEAST 30% gay. He's got scented candles and potpourri in his apartment. Also has three drawers of personal hygiene products, INCLUDING St. Ive's apricot scrub. But he's not COMPLETELY gay, because he doesn't think Orlando Bloom is hot. Pup will describe himself as a one foot tall stuffed bear. This isn't true. He's gotta be around 5' 4", 5'5", something like that.

I probably have alot more to say about these people, but my memory will only come to me in bits and pieces. So over the next few months, I will most likely stop in the middle of a post about sex to say "Hey Jamie! Remember that thing you did that one time? Huh? That was AWESOME!"

That's all for now, will post more as it comes to me.