Monday, January 03, 2005

titillating template troubles 

Alright folks! It's after new years. And even though most retails stores don't agree with me, it seems a bit too early to be decorating the place for valentine's day quite yet.

I could go back to my original look, before I went all holiday nuts on ya. But that would be BORING! So I need some template suggestions. Or if you feel particularly daring and have THAT much time on your hands, some actual template entries would be accepted. You could stick with my little goggle-eyed Evil Science Chick up there, in some different conformation, or ....dare I say...come up with an ENTIRELY NEW THEME!!!!

Whoa. I'll have to sit down for a bit. change.....BAD!!!!

I'll either pick my favorite...or we'll show democracy in action and have a good old fashion vote off. Either way...this should kill off a couple of days worth of posts.