Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Think I'll have some more dumplings....and oooo! fried wontons! and egg rolls!!!! 

Just got back from an all you can eat chinese food buffet for $5.98 lunch with the lab girls.


Thanks to everyone who has given their opinion on potential themes for my blog. So far, the muppet theme has the lead. That could be fun...but would require some serious stretching of my computer artwork skills. Still taking suggestions. Or even better, still taking offers of someone willing to do it FOR me!

Poor Kev has a migraine today. It's only the second one he's had since we've been together, so I'm a little helpless about it. I left him out a Percocet, and told him to take it if the pain gets too bad. Just talked to him on the phone...weakly. Hasn't taken it yet, but I told him he should. Looks like I'll be spending the evening trying not to make much noise. My poor sweetie.

Yesterday, we made turkey stock using the turkey carcass Kev brought back from alabama. It was from a smoked turkey. I have never make stock from a smoked turkey before. You know...it smells alot like ham. which is not so good, because I don't like the smell of ham soups. Fortunately, it tastes like turkey.

I still have frozen turkey stock I made after thanksgiving, so I am going to have a FREEZER full of turky stock. All I usually make with it is soup and risotto. Anyone have any ideas for what to do with it all?

Two weeks until the KC trip! I am nervous and exicited and freaked out all at the same time. Gah!


Ever get a cut on your nipple? Fucking HURTS! And it bleeds for a long time! and band-aids there are very uncomfortable. Not to mention band-aid removal.


Never mind how it happened.

NO! He wasn't involved.


Just forget it, OK?