Saturday, January 01, 2005

Should ooooold acquaintance beeeee forgot.... 

So we nervously set off for the burbs last night, hoping that everything was OK, and still...."in place." But no fear, Elizabeth was fine...ready to pop, but fine. We headed off to a nearby Japanese steak house. While we waited for a table, we sat at the bar, where Kev and I decided to try Saki for the first time. We told the bartender we wanted two small sakis.

"no, two small is no good. you want big."

"can we split a big?"

"yes! big saki is good."

We weren't sure what to expect, really. She walked over to a big dispensing type machine, something like those yaegermeister thingies (or however you spell it), except apparently this thing kept Saki hot. Very hot. She brought over the saki and two small cups. It was ALOT more saki than we had thought.

That thing was FULL of saki.

Bottoms up!

It tasted like hot vodka, with not as much aftertaste. It was a little rough getting it down. I had three or four of those small glasses, Kev had 5 or 6. Michael tried a little, but he wasn't drinking much that night...in case a dash to the hospital was in order.

Michael and Elizabeth. Michael looks very drunk, but he's not.

The people sitting next to us at the bar had the COOLEST DRINK EVER!

It was called a Volcano, and I'm not sure if you can tell, but it had a flaming center. Oooooo...should have gotten one of those!!!

I wish I had taken pictures of our very entertaining chef. It was one of those places where they cook in front of you, right on the table. According to Elizabeth, he was the funniest guy there, so she was pretty happy. Unfortunately, the other group we were sharing the table with weren't as "in" to it as we were, so I think the chef restrained himself. I kept telling them they needed more saki.


After dinner, we went back to their place for more food, drinks, and games. Instead of Cranium, we decided on Clue, which Michael had gotten for Christmas. Remember Clue? None of us had played it in at least 20 years.

Elizabeth kept having either very mild contractions, or evenly timed cramps, about every 5-6 minutes. She was determined to have a good time, though. We kept trying to distract her from the mild contractions/cramps the whole night.

She and Michael went to be shortly after midnight. She wanted to see if she could get a full night sleep before any big contractions started to hit. I hadn't had all that much to drink, and was fine to drive, but Elizabeth was pretty insistant that we stay. We brought overnight bags, so it wasn't a big deal. After staying up to watch some tv, Kev and I retired to the surprisingly comfortable inflatable mattress they had set up for us.

Around 8am, Elizabeth popped her head into the room and said that her contractions were getting bigger, and they were going to head to the hospital. After they left, we hung out for a bit, cleaning up, and trying to figure out if we should feed Gypsy, their dog. Who poses very beautifully, but runs away when the camera comes out.

Poor Gypsy is terrified of other dogs, so Sadie had to tough it out home alone. She did fine though.

I tried to clean up as best I could before we headed for home. With some poor planning, I was wearing the comfy blue knit pants and sweatshirt I had slept in...with the black high heel boots I had worn the night before. Very sexy.

We crashed when we got home, and around 2 got a call from Elizabeth. No baby. False alarm. She's barely dilated. But probably within the next few days, baby Dylan will make his appearance. Just as well - kind of sucks to have a birthday on a holiday.

So that was our new years! I'm hoping there's a grocery store open so I can pick up a pork loin and some saurkraut. mmmmm...new years dinner. Hope you all had a HAPPY AND SAFE new years! I'll be browsing blogland a little later to see how you all made out!