Monday, January 24, 2005

No joy in Steeltown... 

Sunday, after church, with our pastor's kick ass corperate confessional, and after running into work for about an hour, I drove up to the BFE suburbs to visit the new mommy and her little baby bean, whom I will refer to as Little D.

Mommy is doing well, though looking pretty rough. That was the worst day for pain, apparently. Guess they can't really give her the really good stuff, since she's breastfeeding. Little D slept the whole time I was there. A few times he'd let out a good snort and fuss, but then drift right back off to sleep.


I have to admit that, for the first time possibly ever, I started to feel just the TINIEST twinges of longing (sorry sweetie...I know, no babies for a while longer, BELIEVE me, those twinges were faint!). He's a little baby! That they made together! And he's so cute!

but he was SLEEPING, which I think was the key. If he'd have cried the whole time, those twinges would have been hard to come by.

I left the hospital feeling very much rested and at peace.

Then I went home to watch the Steeler game. And the peaceful feeling was GONE!

ahem. anyway...

Today celebrated Boss Lady's birthday. The big 5-0, though we didn't bring that fact up much. Just a nice take out lunch of Noodle and a yummy fruit tart from Whole Foods. A nice distraction from monday blahs.

I'm mostly making solutions today, and in the middle of yet ANOTHER 2d gel. I know I know, I'm not getting started on that again. I feel like I need another weekend, to recover from the weekend.