Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The morning after... 

Warning: contains TMI

To satisfy all you people who keep emailing me demanding to know....here's more on the drama of my painful red bump!

Went back to the doctor this morning. Yes, the bump is still there. No it hasn't spread. Yes, it still hurts. Yes, it's still hard to the touch...so he can't take a sample from inside it with a needle. (HOORAY!)

So now I'm on a NEW antibiotic for another week. And we all know what THAT means: a yeast infection is just around the corner! Yay!

On a scarier note, Kev and I used a condom last night, since antibiotics mess with birth control. Know what? That condom BROKE! SONOFABITCH! Maybe we shouldn't have gone at it so hard with the doggy style....hmmmm....

ANYWAY, since I'm on the third week of the pill, I was assured that it PROBABLY won't hurt anything, but JUST IN CASE, I asked the doctor for the "morning after pill," or as Student Health calls it, "Plan B," or as scary Choose Life Freakazoids call it "THE ABORTION PILL OH MY GOD YOU ARE ABORTING A TINY BEAUTIFUL BABY YOU HORRIBLE HORRIBLE PERSON!!!! BURN IN HELL!!!!"

hehe...feel like such a SLUT! But, can't be too careful! And that's JUST what I need right now...a pregnancy and baby in what I SINCERELY HOPE TO GOD is my last year in grad school. Yeah, that'd be good.

I'm probably going to get all kinds of Google hits for "abortion pill" now, aren't I?