Monday, January 17, 2005

hey, I'm only 5' 7", people! 

Hey folks! I'm still at Pup's place. I decided to inconvenience others and save money by flying out on monday instead of sunday. Hey, $50 is $50! Plus Pup and I got to watch the Golden Globes together and talk about how hot/weird people were, (I'm pretty sure that bumps you up to 35%. sorry Pup)

I would LOVE to post all about the weekend right now, but I can't. I haven't even truly absorbed it all yet. And I'm exhausted. But just to sum it up...

a blast. a total blast. everyone was lovely and beautiful and fun, just as I thought they would be.

their impression of me? I'm tall. huh?

so I have plenty o' pictures to post, and a few funny stories, that I promise I will post when I get my brain sorted out. It's amazing how a weekend of alcohol consumption can so fuzzify my brain. I wasn't like this in college. In college I could drink half a bottle of rum, and then wake up the next day and take an organic chemistry test, then drink more rum because I hated organic chemistry and I always got C's in it.

I got off topic.

Anyway, big fat smooches to the lovely ladies of blogland who made my weekend so much fun! And a big special smooch for Pup for lending me his couch for the night, and letting me buy him dinner at Moe's (welcome to Moe's!)...with a coupon, of course.