Sunday, January 02, 2005

A good start to the new year... 

Kev and I spent a good part of new year's day sleeping. Then I dragged his butt out of bed to run to Publix to pick up the official New Years Day Feast. I made:

apricot glazed pork roast
saurkraut and kielbasa
mashed potatoes
creamy cheesy spinach

we would have had strawberry rhubarb pie (store bought...I can't do it all ALL the time, people!) IF we had any room left!

Somehow, we both thought it would be a good idea to accompany the meal with very strong vodka cranberry juice drinks. Very strong. A lot of them. This resulted in Kev getting tipsy, and me getting very very very drunk. It also resulted in some interesting conversations. Where Kev ranked the boobs of all the girls he's dated (I'm 4th biggest. And I don't mind a bit - I don't think I could stand them any bigger!) to me deciding which of the ladies of blogland I would TOTALLY "do" (guess which ones???).

I'm not used to getting so drunk so quickly, so the evening ended for me throwing up my lovely dinner. In the toilet...I wasn't THAT drunk. And then passing out. Happy New Years!

This morning...or rather...this afternoon, we got up and went SHOPPING! Hooray! First to a store called Brandsmart USA, which is a huge store filled with appliances and housewares and random stuff. I got a cheap corded phone with caller ID for the bedroom (sick of having to get up to find out that the person calling me at 7am is a wrong number), an immersion blender for $8, and a sausage making attachment for my Kitchen Aid - only $10!

Then, since my stomach seemed like it was going to forgive me, we went to Waffle House to indulge in some greasy food goodness. mmmmmmmmm

Then....da da da DAAAAA! To Shane Company! To look at.....RINGS!!!!! Hehe...it had been a while (over a year) since we last looked, and Kev wanted to refresh his memory on what I liked. I REEEEALLY like the antique looking rings, that are engraved around the band. When I slipped off to run to the restroom (too much Vanilla Coke at the waffle house), I returned to find Kev and the saleslady VERY INTENT in conversation, and a piece of paper was quickly folded up and put away in his pocket as I walked over to them.

Hmmmmmmmm.... :)

Then, because we hadn't bought enough miscellaneous electronics stuff, we went to Fry's. I bought some recharchable batteries for my new toy - the one Kev got me for christmas (hehe...that should keep me going for a while) , and a book called "1001 ways to save money and still have a dazzling wedding."

and now I'm back and EXHAUSTED! Still hung over. And I have to work tomorrow, but Kev has off. Only fair, I guess, since I decided to take last week completely off.

Now we're going to play Scrabble. Scrabble, anyone?