Friday, January 07, 2005

Dead laptop walking 

I may not be posting as frequently as usual the next couple of days. And not hanging around blogland as much.

My laptop is sick and needs a good fixin'. There something shorted out where the power cord plugs in, preventing it from making a good connection. And when it does make a connection, it won't charge the battery.

Also won't be able to play with my template like I thought I would. Photoshop is on the laptop. So I'm giving you a variation of the original. The old ESC is back, in all her geeky scientific glory.

Still have the old Gateway desktop at home, which Kev has been using to play his new geek games. He's currently playing one called...I think..."Commando." It's a military type game, but he can't make his guys do anything without them making the same lame-ass comments over and over again.

"OK boss"
"mmm hmmm"
"I'm coming!" (that's my favorite)

and other annoying things...over and over again. It's pretty funny, actually. And I like watching him play while I sit on the couch. His face gets all serious and he's concentrating so hard....it is SO CUTE!!! Then I go over and interrupt his game by giving him kisses all over the top of his head.


Where was I? Oh yeah, so the only blogging I'll be doing this weekend is when I can steal the crappy desktop away from Kev. Hopefully, the laptop won't take long to fix. And HOPEFULLY CompUSA won't give me any problems about fixing it, since they practically bullied Kev and me into buying their crappy service waranty. Actually, I'm kind of hoping that they do, because I'm DYING to go apeshit on someone. I need to burn of some steam!!!!