Saturday, January 22, 2005

Cleaning day! 

Well...more like sleep in, snuggle, get up and eat bacon and eggs, then clean.

The bed room got the drastic treatment.

We. moved. the. bed.

First time it's been moved since I bought it...ummm....4....years....ago....

Yeah...gross dust and dog fur and everything. Kev found a shirt he's been missing for a year. But everything's been vacuumed clean AND I wiped down the floorboards. Clean is good!

Now we just have to work on the living room...and dining room....and kitchen. Maybe tomorrow.

Last night we went to The Store That Must Not Be Named. I bought some WAY COOL eyelash yarn, the kind Aimee used to make her daughter a scarf at KC. It's a bit pricey, and I bought two rolls of it. It's funky multicolored: dark pink, orange, blue, and purple. And I got some dark pink fine yarn to mix with it as I knit. It's alot harder to work with than the thick fleece I made my first scarf with. Using two threads get's loopy when I miss one, and my first attempt started with 20 stiches...and after about 15 rows ended with around 29. YIKES! Unravel and START OVER! Now I have it down - 18 accross. If it turns out nice, I'm giving it to my mother.

Anyway, at TSTMNBN last night, we ran into my old friend Bill. Bill used to be a mild mannered computer geek who had a job training people to use his company's softwear. Then Bill decided he needed a life makeover.

Now Bill is a policeman. Quite the change, no? He flashed us his badge, and then oh so nonchalantly mentioned that he REALLY wanted to take off his jacket because it was warm in the store. But he couldn't. Why? He was packin'. Had his piece on his back.


Now he's all super laid back, and has that "cop confidence" pose. It's kind of funny. We chatted in the middle of the store for almost two hours. Whoops! So much for a quick run - we didn't get home until after midnight!

Does anyone else thinks it's a little creepy that Wendy's has "dug up" Dave Thomas to do their commercials again? Seriously, too much Wendy's might have led to his early demise, let's let the dead rest in piece!

Kind of like using a long dead great aunt to sell your cars.

"...and tell them, Aunt Penny sent you!"

Julie and E-Lo will get this, and probably no one else. I'd like to try to incorporate obscure inside jokes into my blog more often.

Spoke with the new mommy today. She feels a little better, but is a little upset about the fact that she spent 36 hours in mostly pain-killer free labor, before anyone realized that "hey...maybe he's breach!"

stupid. ESPECIALLY since, over two weeks ago, when she STARTED having contractions, but no dilation, she asked if she should have another ultrasound, and they told her no.

Now they're telling her that "somehow," in the last few hours she was in labor, a 7lb 7oz baby managed to turn himself upside down in her womb. Riiiiiiight. E and M are already thinking about their legal options.

BUT everyone is OK, and she said it was all worth it because little D is the cutest baby in the world, and she can confidently say that in a completely unbiased manner. I'm going to try to see them tomorrow, if she's up to it.

Now I'm going to eat a delicious late dinner of stuff pork chops (al la Alton Brown) that Kev has prepared...along with cheesy mashed potatoes (sorry Celti) and a tomato cucumber salad that I have prepared. Mmmmmmmmmm