Sunday, January 09, 2005

Another "and then we did this, and then we did that" post 

Friday I treated Kev to a dinner at Surin's Noodle Bowl - you know I'm a sucker for noodles and veggies in coconut curry sauce. mmmmmmmmmmmm......

Saturday we slept in. Big time. Slept like I haven't slept in years. After we got our lazy asses out of bed, we took the laptop to CompUSA to be repaired. I have to call Tuesday to see if it's fixed. Oh yeah, they don't call you when it's done. You have to keep calling them, over and over. Bastards.

Then to Wal-Mart (which Aimee calls "the Evil Empire" - I like to hear that in my head with Vader-esque breathing in the background). I had to return a USB flash drive I had gotten for Christmas.

flashback to Christmas morning

My brother and I unwrap the 128mb USB flashdrives.

Me: Umm...I already have one. And it's a 256mb.

Bro: yeah...ummm...I have one too.

Mom: (exasperated) I thought that those were the NEATEST things, and apparently EVERYONE HAS THEM BUT ME!!!

Bro: well...why don't you take this one?

Mom: I...don't really need one.

And Kev's mom had given me a $50 gift card, PLUS I found the $25 card she got me last year that I never used. So with the return, I had a little over $100 to blow at Wal-Mart. WOOOOHOOOO!

What I really wanted was a small table or stand that I could keep my Kitchen Aide mixer on.

yes, I want to buy furniture ESPECIALLY for a kitchen appliance.


shut up!

I wanted something ideally that would give me some storage space, too, since my kitchen is TEENY TINY. I found this, which was PERFECT! It was $56, and the only way I could afford it was because of the gift card, so THANK YOU KEVIN'S MOM!!!! Also picked up a set of three new wooden cutting boards, because I'm lazy and don't take "proper" care of my cutting boards so my old ones are falling apart. Plus a flexible cutting board, which I got because I'm a big Alton Brown geek. And Prilosec, because I'm getting heartburn EVERY DAMN DAY! Why???? WHHYYYYYY?????

Also bought "finding nemo," because I got it for christmas last year, then loaned it to someone who now claims that I never did. And because my memory is so fuzzy, and because these are REALLY good friends of mine who wouldn't intentionally lie to me, there's not a whole lot I can do about it.

We had planned on going to Kev's office holiday party that night, but Kev wasn't feeling all that great (he'd been sick all week), so we just went home. Just as well, since I had to put together a lasagna for the church potluck for today. So we opened a bottle of wine, and baked some Camembert which has been in my fridge for awhile. Just so you know, Camembert is still good after it's expiration date.

We played scrabble, which Kev kicked my ass in, because he came up with the word "knacky" which with all the word and letter doubles gave him 72 fucking points.

And now I'm at work. Blogging before I leave. What is WRONG with me???