Friday, December 31, 2004

What are ya dooooinnnnng NEW Years....New YEEEEARS eve? ***UPDATE*** 

Everyone seems to be doing all these really cool, introspective "year in review" posts. Where they talk about all their accomplishments, and all the shit that's gone down, etc.

I don't really have one of those. My "what I accomplished in 2004" list looks like this:

1. I started a blog

2. I have managed not to screw up my relationship with Kevin (miracle!)

3. I have not graduated yet.

That's it. 2004 was an...."eh" year for me. This whole "blog" thing has worked out pretty well. I had NO IDEA that anyone would find me that interesting. But you all hang in there with me...from the "and then I went to Publix, and then I went to Target" to "my stupid 2D gel is fucked up and somehow I lost one of the samples on the gel, so when I probe it I'm only going to see one arc" to...well...blowjobs and stuff.

Well...the blowjob ones usually get the most attention. Maybe that should be my New Year's Resolution. "Post more about sex and blowjobs."

Tonight Kev and I are having dinner with the Pregnant One and her husband, then going back to their place for games, most likely Cranium. If Kev and I drink, we'll probably spend an uncomfortable night on their couch and love seat, as the Atlanta Police are planning Operation Zero Tolerance, and will be out in force.

Not that I would drink and drive. Not that YOU should drink and drive!!! For God's sake, CALL A CAB! FIND A COUCH! STAY SAFE!


ring ring
caller ID is the friends we're hanging out with tonight


"heeeey! how are you?"


"can you bring Cranium tonight?"

"sure! no problem"

"and the taco dip"

"of course"

"great. and I just wanted to let you know.....there's a chance my water broke."


"I don't think it really did. things can leak down there, and it's not neccessarily your water breaking. and I think more would have happened by now if it was."

"well...you're not having contractions, are you?"

"no. well....not strong contractions. it feels a little weird down there. But my whole pregnancy has been weird"


"just thought you should know, you know, in case we have to leave the restaurant early."

"well....YEAH! you know, you can cancel tonight if you have to!"

"I know."

"well, it's good to know your priorities aren't messed up. cranium, taco dip, and MAYBE a baby."

"haha. so what did Kevin get you for christmas?"

I can't BELIEVE how blase' she is about the whole thing. She THINKS her water broke????

I just can't...I can't...I don't even....