Friday, December 03, 2004

weekend o' fun 

I am going out with friends tonight to get an early start on the festivities. Drinks and Thai food - mmmmmm...

tomorrow is choir dress rehearsal, an hour or so at work, then home to set up the christmas tree. sunday is the music service in the morning, and then home to...whatever Kev has planned. probably more christmas decorations and a nice dinner.

today I did jack shit at work. my cells take two days to form pickable colonies, which is why I have to go in tomorrow. So I spent most of the day stalking ebay. I lost a bid for a salwar kameez for my mom in the last 5 seconds. Bitch. Will have to wait another two days before bidding ends for another one of my picks. Might also go to an Indian fabric store here (since I live in a big Indian neighborhood), but I have a feeling the prices are going to be high.

So that's it! Have a swell-ish kind of weekend, folks!