Sunday, December 05, 2004

A very google birthday 



*ah choo!*

*deep breath*


Someone found my blog googling "randy colon."

It's the best birthday present ever.

and oh yeah...

The service of music today went great. I managed to not sneeze, cough, snot, or wheeze through any of it. and my voice held out, too.

Kevin made me lunch, and then gave me a new watch (STILL haven't found my old one) and Aladdin on DVD. Then I slept on the couch all day, while he made me yummy manicotti for dinner and lemon squares for dessert. He even put candles on it for me to blow out. I do not deserve this man.

Thanks to everyone who send birthday wishes my way in card, blog, or e-card form.

Now I return to my Steelers, who had BETTER NOT FUCK THIS GAME UP!