Wednesday, December 08, 2004

There's a brown spot on my apple 

First of all, Happy Hannukah to all my Jewish blogfriends: Mikey, Gooooooch, thedave, Dan (I think?), and a Hap. Hann. to Katey (get it? it's HALF! yeah...not funny). Did I forget anyone? So to all those folks, let me buy you a beer.

Health update: The tidal wave of snot has mostly retreated to my lungs. Oh joy. ARRRRREEEEM ARRREEEEEEM!


more joyous links:

Pop culture nativity in England - not sure how I feel about this one. if they're trying to make an ironic statement, then I'm all for it. especially GW as one of the wise men! HAHAHAHA! If they're trying to be serious (which I doubt), then it's kind of stupid.

Should you ever do become an evil overlord (over there on my side bar, or here, if you're lazy and never partake in my linky goodness), you might find this site very useful. There's even a discussion forum!

Big shout out to Indiashop1, who made my mom's christmas present in record time and has already shipped it. And even included a "special gift" for me. Cool! Can't wait to see it!