Saturday, December 04, 2004

*sniffle* *hack* pass the kleenex please 

I'm sick. Sicky sicky sicky POOOOO!

Woke up this morning with a very sore throat, passed it off as sinus drainage. I had dress rehearsal at church at 10, so I downed some asprin to dull the pain. But by the end of rehearsal, I was feeling a bit woozy, and sniffly, and sneezy. Still managed to make it through rehearsal, work in the lab for a few hours, and run to Target. I had realized that for the service of music I would be standing for most of an hour, and that my high heeled black ankle boots, though very cute, were not going to cut it this time. (we have to wear black shoes when we process during the service). So I picked up a pair of...eh...servicable black mule pennyloafers that matched the 3 criteria I was looking for: 1. black, 2. comfortable, and most importantly 3. CHEAP (reduced to $15).

Bought some Christmas presents for my dog (shut up! yes, I buy her presents) and enough Kleenex to make it through at least a week, at this rate (3 boxes).

Later, Kev and I went out to sears and exchanged the gift I got for my dad for a much cooler one. Then went to Petsmart to buy more dog presents. (shut UP!)I doped myself up with enough asprin and decongestant to make a quick dinner (fondue...YES, that's quick) and some frozen cooked shimp. Mmmmm...cocktail shrimp. I wanted easy and satisfying. Tomorrow Kev is making me what has become his signature fancy dish: manicotti.

I was supposed to put up christmas decorations today, but I haven't been able to do much since dinner except lay on the couch, watch episode after episode of Law and Order, SVU on USA, and feel guilty about watching kevin clean.

Oh, and blog. I can always blog.