Thursday, December 09, 2004

potato and 4 cheese and controversy ***UPDATE*** 

Mrs. T's pierogies used to have 12 pierogies in box. Now, I count only 10.

I love Mrs. T's peirogies...but I think the bitch is ripping me off.



for those out of the loop (ie, no Polish ancestry, friends or loved ones) here is the official Mrs T's Pierogies Webpage. CAUTION: polka music will play.

Pierogies are dumplings usually filled with potatoes, boiled, and then served with butter and onions and a little dollop of sour cream. Mrs T gives additional "healthier" serving options, but we know better. Pieorgies are pure comfort food, and there's nothing worse than attempting to "health-ify" comfort food.

I enjoy my pierogies with a nice grilled kielbasa sandwich. With yellow mustard. Mmmmmmmm...