Monday, December 13, 2004

My "How I spent my weekend" report 

Yesterday I decided that I needed a BREAK FROM CHURCH! Seriously, I'm getting sick of all the meetings and events and whatever. So I called in sick from choir and my meeting (hey, I'm still technically sick) and decided to be lazy. I used my amazing powers of femininity to convince Kevin to skip going in to work, since I would be home all day. This consisted of using big brown sad eyes, and much cuddling in bed. It didn't take much to convince him. Late morning lovemaking sealed the deal.

Later, he left for a little while to go to a gun show (yeah, I know. ends up he didn't go because he didn't want to pay the entrance fee for the remaining 2 hours). So I set out to do some odds and ends shopping. I wanted cheap but nice plates to put cookies on for gifts, some jars to put bath salts in, etc. Then, weirdly enough, I ran into Kevin at Save Rite. I was looking for epsom salts (for the bath salts).

Later we drank some rum and nog (hence the previous post) Kev fell asleep early, and I dozed on the couch watching some horrendous Noah Wiley movie on TBS. I didn't get showered and to bed until after two, accidently waking Kev up. He'd been asleep since 10, and I was wide awake after my shower. I "teasted" him a bit (wink wink), and after laying there in silence for awhile, he rolled over and said "dammit! you got me all horny now!" So there was only one cure for that. mmmm...late night booty call on a school night!

Today I worked on my talk for thursday - ick. It's all new material, so I can't cut and paste from old talks.

Now I'm back home. And guess what I'm drinking??? Guess??? RUM AND NOG! Why can't I stop drinking this stuff? It's non-alcoholic Southern Comfort vanilla spice egg nog, with captain morgan's spiced rum added.

Also, saturday I went to see a special preview of Spanglish with a friend of mine. Eh. Don't bother. The acting was good, but the story draaaaagged. And the ending was not very satisfactory.