Wednesday, December 22, 2004

lab tantrums ***update*** 

Grrrr...what a SUCKY DAY!

Monday night I ordered radioactivity, figuring the order would be approved Tuesday, it would be delievered today, I could probe my blot tonight (hehe...dirty sounding, I know) and wash and put in the cartridge tomorrow. Then it could sit happily while I was away for the holiday, and when I got back, I would have a beautiful picture to look at.

But today, no radioactivity. None. Shit. I typed ALL OVER that requisition: MUST BE DELIVERED 12/22. It ALWAYS comes the day after approval. And of course, NO ONE at radiation safely is answering their phone.

See, it goes like this: I fill out an incredibly complicated online form to order my radioactivity. This then goes to the departmental purchasing person, who approves it and sends it along to Radiation safety for their approval. And I THOUGHT that was it! I got the email confirming Rad. Safety's approval yesterday. So WTF??? where's my stuff??? So I called the #2 woman in our purchasing office (#1 is on vacation). She calls #1 at home, but notices that there's no "R number" on the requisition, which means it didn't get approval from the school's purchasing office. What??? How many loops does this stupid requisition have to go through??? And WHY do I get an email saying that the request has gone through, when, apparently, IT HASN'T???? So #2 is trying to figure out what happened, and if we can cancel the order, because I can't do a THING with it tomorrow, and it will be half decayed by the time I get back.


AAAANNNDDD! I'm running a gel of some PCR reactions to confirm my strain - and the gel that has 50 samples on it is running....backwards. Some asshat in the lab had switched the cords in the power supply, probably because they loaded their gel the wrong way, and never switched it back. I have more sample, thank God, but I HATE loading gels that big.

NOT HAVING A GOOD DAY, PEOPLE! I have a kajillion things to do when I get home, including pack and clean, and I was HOPING to get home early!

I need a hug.

*****now with creamy update goodness****

had a good laugh. #2 called me to inform me that my radioactivity is stuck in a blizzard in Illinois (except she kept pronouncing the "s"...illanoise). HAHAHAHAHA! living in atlanta, I guess we tend to forget that crappy weather happens in other parts of the country. Since the sample is already sent, the order can't be cancelled. When the radioactivity gets here, she's going to talk to amersham and see if I can get a credit for it, for my next order. What a mess!

But funny!