Wednesday, December 22, 2004

killing time 

I should be packing, but I'm in denial that I'll be traveling soon.

I kept hearing this weird fluttering noise in my living room. Then I see this thing:

crawling up the light cord. GAH! DIE DIE DIE! I use roach spray indescriminately on any creepy crawly that enters my domain. The spray didn't phase him much, but slowed him down so I could get him with the tissue.

And DON'T be leaving comments about how cool bugs are, and what a neccessary part of nature they are. Fucking ugly bug in MY HOUSE??? This is MY HOUSE! I kill bugs here.

Didn't have time to get a haircut like I wanted this week, but my bangs were driving me nuts. So I trimmed them...just a little.

Could use a little more, but I'm afraid to cut them back any more. Last time, I cut them too short.

I think I'll have all pictures of me taken from this perspective from now on. You can't see the zittage on my chin. It's weird: one at a time. as soon as one heals, another one crops up. Thought the change in BC pills would help. All it's done is slow them down. ACK! I'm 28! Leave me alone, zits!!!!

I would pack now, I really would. But the Full Monty's on. And I am engrossed. TeeeeeeVeeeeeeee....