Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Jingle bells...Batman smells... 

Craziness here in atlanta. First of all, it's been COLDER THAN A WITCH'S TEAT here for the past few days. And I'm not crying like a wimpy southerner. The weather guy (Flip Spiceland) took great pleasure on monday pointing out that Atlanta was 6 degrees colder at 17 than some god-awful desolate town in Maine near the Canadian border. After running my furnace full blast for a week, it gets a rest, because today it's sunny and in the 50's. Ahhhhh...

The sad news is that Kevin's grandma died late sunday night. She was in the last stages of alzheimers and in a nursing home. When we visited her at Thanksgiving, she was bed-ridden, and could only blink slowly at us. Not sure if she recognized Kev or his mom. She passed away quietly, and is no longer suffering, so it is a blessing. But before she got sick, she and Kev were really close, I think. So he took it kind of hard. He left for Alabama earlier than originally planned so he could attend the funeral tomorrow. So I am left by my lonesome until my flight to pittsburgh. (and for you stalkers out there, I am left by my lonesome...AND with Kev's kick-ass pistol by the bed. Stalk THAT, motherFUCKERS!!!!)

He took Sadie, too, since I can't fly with her anymore. 1, it got too expensive, and 2, it was just getting WAY too traumatic for her. She LOVES being at my parent's house, but she hated that travel crate. Poor thing. She's definately going to be neglected a bit for the next few days, with the funeral and all. But she's clean, has clipped nails, and has her christmas bandana on.

I am left to clean out the fridge of all rapidly parishable items. There's an entire head of cabbage (which Kev bought for some reason). Think I'll pick up some noodles and make halusky. Mmmm...comfort food.

I am ALMOST done with christmas goodies. Last night I made white chocolate pretzels, and tonight I'll make the milk chocolate ones. Then....DONE!

I am a VERY BAD PERSON and have not mailed out my christmas cards. So everyone will get theirs late. Deal with it. My aunt and uncle will get their present late, too. I'm sending them cookies, because they sent presents for me and Kev and Sadie. My relationship with my aunt and uncle is a WHOLE OTHER post, though.

Can I just be DONE so I can enjoy the holiday yet?????