Saturday, December 18, 2004

Jingle bell rock 

I had two, count 'em, TWO work related Christmas parties yesterday. One was for the biology department. They put out a VERY nice lunch spread! Salad, rolls, broccolini with shallots, red potatoes, chicken marsala and beef tenderloin! With creme brule' cheesecake. Mmmmmmm...
The highlight of the afternoon was a little skit put on by some of the younger faculty and researchers poking fun at the older faculty at a staff meeting. The best parts were the imitations of one guy who ALWAYS falls asleep and then does VIOLENT head bobs that you would think would wake him up, but never does. And also, my personal favorite, an imitation of a guy named Steve (who does this at lunch seminars, too), who always comes in late, makes as much noise as possible getting his lunch together, and then haRUMPHS his opinion loudly. Much laughter, and no one ended up fired. So a good time was had by all.

Last night was our lab party at boss lady advisor's house. This is always fun, with really good food. I brought tiramisu and a very fattening spinach au gratin. The best part of the evening is the white elephant gift exchange. Everyone brings a cheap and horrifically tacky wrapped gift, and then we all draw numbers and pick gifts. You can pick a wrapped gift, or steal something someone has already chosen. I brought two gifts, one was so Kevin could play...but he was sick and couldn't make it :( So I gave my extra "pick" to the undergrad in the lab, who hadn't brought a gift. The kids enjoy this the most, and their laughter over the tackiest of gifts is infectious. I got to pick first, and unwrappad an EXTREMELY ugly bobble head santa thing, who's face was a picture frame. UGH! Fortunately, it was later "stolen" off me by boss lady's oldest son, who's a freshman at our school and also works in the lab as a work study. I then stole a plastic piggy bank wearing a santa outfit. Hooray! The hottest gift that got stolen the most was a reindeer/squirrel thing that you pushed down on, and it would spring up with a "SPROINGOINGOING!" sound effect and then with a high pitched voice "HAHAHAHA! MERRRRRRY CHRISTMAS!"

Last night I learned of a theater company that had been gifted with a truckload of carpets that had been abandoned, and they were selling them DIRT CHEAP as a fund raiser. HOW CAN I PASS THAT UP???? They had other stuff, too, so I ended up buying a beautiful rose colored throw blanket for my grandma, as well as a pillow, a small sisel rug for my entryway, and a 5x9 wool rug with blues and greens that matches my living room. Hopefully, it will cover up some of the gross stains on my old carpet. Anway, I got all that for $49, with the last of my birthday money. Hooray!

Hopefully I'll get to finally make my cookies today. I need a good recipe for cookies that use white chocolate chips and/or coconut.