Thursday, December 23, 2004

I'm leeeeeeaving, ON a jet PLANE!!! ****now with continuous, up to the minute updates**** 

Well folks, color me gone.

Almost gone. I'm still puttering around the house, cleaning up bits here and there. And occasionally running back to the bedroom in horror when I realize things like "pajamas! did I pack pajamas?" or "socks!!!"

Never did finish my chocolate covered pretzel making. Because I am lazy and addicted to my laptop. And IMing. And TV. Oh well. Maybe when I get back.

My flight leaves this evening, so if you're on the east coast between ga and pa, look up around 6:30 and wave at me! I'll be waving at you. Or napping. Most likely napping.

My parents not ONLY have a pretty decent computer, but they also have a cable modem. They've gotten high tech in their old age. (and to think, they wanted me to give up my DSL to save money. what??? and let my parents be cooler than me??? pft! I don't need heat or food!!) So I will make occasional appearances throughout blogland after Christmas. Or maybe even on Christmas day, when the family joy gets to be too much to handle.

It will be a little bit sad this year. No Grandma Helen to gather up all the crumpled wrapping paper off the floor. The family picture is one smaller again. First Aaron...then grandma. And Grandpa will not be himself. I'm almost afraid to see him. I just want to hold him in my mind the same way: strong, loud, laughing. I don't want to see him small and sad.

But! that's enough melancholy. I'm hungry, and I really need to get going. Ummm...after I check to see if anyone's posted. And then check Madville. and my email.

Maybe I'll do another airport audiopost and sing you all some christmas carols ;)


well, it's only 2:30, and already my 6pm flight has been delayed to 7:20.

shit shit shit

stoooopid pittsburgh weather!

this is NOT a good sign. I'm thinking it going to be a late night at the airport. AND I don't have a book to read. I'm going to be BORED and STRESSED all at the same time.

who wants to entertain me?

damn. I should have packed my laptop.