Thursday, December 30, 2004

I'llllll be hooooooome for chrrrriiiiistmaaaaas 

Yes! I'm home! Geez people...let a girl catch her breath! and get some action!

Yesterday I hung out with my oldest and best friend, Jenni. We went to see Christmas with the Kranks at the local ghetto theater. Then went to Century III mall, an equally ghetto mall, so Jenni could make some exhanges, and I could get my haircut. Mom got me a gift certificate and an appointment at Phillip Pelusi.

Well, apparently "Melissa" called in sick that day. Bitch. And the scary spikey haired too-skinny goth chick at the desk told me that they were trying to call me all afternoon ("sorry, I had things to do!"), and informed me that the next time they had open was 7:15. We were meeting another friend for dinner at 7:30, so that was out of the question. Goth chick apologized profusely, and gave me a coupon for 20% off my next appointment. Great. When I'm home for....Easter maybe?

So after some more shopping, Jen and I met our other friend Chrissy for dinner...at the ONE RESTAURANT AT THE WATERFRONT that has gone out of buisness. Oops. Our next choice had a 2 hour wait, so we ended up at the Fish Market, which was a little on the expensive side, but oh well, these are friends I don't see much. Chrissy is FINALLY engaged to the guy she's been dating for 6 years. I was there the night they met. He danced with both of us at her sorority's senior party. But she's the one who got flowers the next day. So looks like I'll be back in the 'burgh in July for the wedding. Maybe I'll luck out and my high school reunion will be the same week. Probably not.

SOMETHING at that restaurant bugged the crap out of my sinuses. I was in serious pain, and I almost NEVER get headaches. I felt bad, because I wasn't contributing much to the conversation. When I got home at almost 11, I took some tylanol sinus PM and went straight to bed. NONONO I CAN'T GET SICK AGAIN!

Fortunately, woke up feeling MUCH better. Threw everything into my suitcase and carry one, and actually made it through the Pittsburgh airport without getting strip searched. I do this by being VERY friendly to all employees, and always keeping a vaguely confused yet pleasant look on my face.

aside: no matter how badly my day is going, I am always friendly to people who have bad jobs serving the public, who may very well be in a bad mood as well. Because these people have the power to make MY day even worse, and may use that power to make themselves feel marginally better, if I give them the excuse. In my opinion, there's no reason to be bitchy to the security screeners or the gate attendants. They're just doing their job, and it probably sucks. So I smile, and say "thank you!" and "have a good new years!" and they smile back, and I continue on my way, without being strip searched, downgraded, or left behind on an overbooking.

Took my HUGELY overstuffed suitcase, my heavy carry on size suitcase, and equally heavy backpack on the MARTA train. A friend from the lab picked me up (THANK YOU IRMA!).

Kevin and Sadie were DEFINATELY glad to see me. Especially Kevin. ESPECIALLY Kevin. hehe...hehe...

Things were getting pretty interesting on the couch, but then he jumped up and said "let's open presents!"

"sweetie, we can do that after!"

"no! let's open them now!"

He opened his gifts from me: an electric shaver, socks (kind of a joke), pair of pants, and various stocking stuffer items. My mom got him a steelers shirt (GO BIG BEN!!!) and a best buy card, and my grandmother got him a fleece pullover. No matter how many times I tell her he wears short sleeves year round, she always gets him something long sleeved. Oh well, he can wear it as a coat outside.

My presents included a piece of paper telling me that 256mb of additional memory for my laptop will be arriving soon. Hooray! A stocking full of candy (including a bag of spongebob squarepants candy. "when I saw it, I thought of you." "uh huh. I'll BET you did!"

And my FAVORITE gift was a mini hummer. no...not the big car. This mini hummer. Similar to the butterfly.

heehee...heehee...oh....it's FUN!!!!




Anyway...Kev bought steaks, so we had a nice steak dinner, and spent up until about 10 minutes ago telling each other how much we missed each other, and how much we LOOOOOOVE each other, and mush stuff like that. Oh, and kissing. Lots of kissing. And neck nibbling. Mmmmmmmmmmm

Ahhh...good to be home.

So! What'd I miss?